Smt. Vinod Dhukia





Patronne’s Message…

On one occasion Aristotle was asked “In what manner the educated people are different from those who are uneducated” As much said he, ‘as the living are to the dead.’ Believing in this New Rajasthan Shikshan Sansthan has taken up the challenge to educate people irrespective of their back ground. It is my ardent belief that the purpose of providing education to women is to dispel darkness and ignorance of their background. It is my ardent belief that the purpose of providing education to women is to dispel darkness and ignorance of the entire family. The women folk in rural areas are deprived of the benefits of higher education because of non-availability college in nearby locations.

In association with our families, we enable each student to develop all these attributes and skills for lifelong learning initiative and excellence, confidence and self-esteem, discipline and dedication, self-awareness and generosity of spirit, integrity and honesty, creativity and imagination and an understanding of their spirituality.

Our supportive and nurturing environment values each student as an individual. She is known by her teachers and is recognized as a valued member of the community, one who is affirmed and celebrated in many ways. Learning is valued at NRGC our dynamic learning and teaching environment encourages positive engagement as all seek to gain further understanding of the world in which we live it is learning that promotes the growth and development of the whole person. The programs and activities an offer at the college cater for the many individual needs of all our students. Our balanced board and challenging learning environment seeks to create a love of learning independence and solid preparation for tertiary education and the ability of our graduates to take their place in the world of the 21st Century.

Our faith and mission leads us beyond our community, inspiring all to see what is possible in our ever-changing world. Our pastoral care is exemplary in practice, enabling our young women to express their uniqueness and feel connected to our community, knowing that their well-being is important to us. Our exciting learning culture enables our women to be active in seeking knowledge and understanding. At NRGC, we aim to facilitate the development of young women who are committed individuals full of insight and understanding, knowing who they are and being prepared for leadership and service beyond the college.

Smt. Vinod Dhukia